New Releases I’m Excited About: January

Hi there!

Another year just introduce herself to us. And what an introduction she made! I’m overwhelmed about all these great new releases coming in January. Is there a greater beginning of the year? I guess no.  

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New Releases I’m Excited About: November

Hey, hey!

   Autumn is here, isn’t it? It means that the cosiest reading time of the year is just in front of us. All of the coolest books this month are due to publication on the 5th of November! WTF?! How to handle all of these amazing new releases in just one day? Please, show some mercy! 😦 

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New Releases I’m Excited About: October

Hi there!

It’s been a while from my last New Releases entry.  Here are my most anticipated books for October. Funny fact – they all (except one, but this doesn’t change the whole picture) are due to be published on 1st October. 😀 What a coincidence! And they are:

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New Releases I’m Excited About: April

Hello, hello,
I’m a bit late with my most anticipated, but here they are:

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